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WhaleTeq Co., Ltd

WhaleTeq is the leading test solution provider for vital signs monitoring devices and it's proved that test efforts and operation cost can be reduced effectively. Till now, WhaleTeq has over 500 customers which includes medical device manufacturers, wearable device manufacturers, IC provider, certification laboratories, college and research institute. #新創補助 #ECG Testing #SpO2 Testing #EEG[...]
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DataYoo helps agricultural enterprises to build a controllable production forecasting technological management model and facilitates property insurance companies to develop new agricultural insurance to reduce production risks, through our fully digital crop analysis and calculation application services. Taken together, we are indeed optimistic about that the data science will lead to the agricultural industry to[...]
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Flat Medical Inc.

Flat Medical was established in 2015 by co-founders from medical and engineering backgrounds. We focus on analysis of current medical scenarios and then improve the user experiences by developing innovative medical devices that complies with existing behaviors. The major product of Flat Medical is EpiFaith syringe, a CE marked and FDA cleared puncture assisting device.[...]
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JelloX is a next generation pathology company that revolutionizes the way to imaging tumor samples. With JelloX 3D imaging technology intact clinical tissue samples can be scanned with preservation of the structural integrity to the cellular level. In addition, JelloX provides an auxiliary diagnostic system for pathologists to make better clinical decisions in diagnosis utilizing[...]
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Trans-IoT Technology Co., LTD.

Trans-IoT founded in 2015, provides automakers / insurance companies/ fleet owners professional services, dedicated to driving data application and implementation. We use Machine learning(ML), Machine vision(MV) and Artificial intelligence(AI), to build many patented algorithms. Our service can reduce the loss of vehicles, and fuel consumption, and ensure the high efficiency and operations. We provide total[...]
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