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Taiwan Accelerator Plus

  • Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+) is a national-level accelerator funded by The Ministry of Economics Affairs under the Small & Medium Enterprise Administration. There are 2 vertical focuses: IoT & healthcare. TAcc+ provides a comprehensive 3-stage program to develop startups’ capability from incubation to further growth. CREATE is for idea-stage startups, with entrepreneurship training to solidify business plans. PROPEL further assigns industry and investment mentors for each team. SCALE focuses on growth.

TAcc+ International Program

Initiate your business in Asia through TAcc+

The best partner for accomplishing MVP and developing Asia Market

TAcc+, a national league accelerator by Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, proudly presents International Program to facilitate international startups and SMEs to connect with Taiwan startup ecosystem and initiate your business in Asia. We aim AIoT and Healthcare industries as well as key players of the manufacturing supply chains to share with you industry demand, market gaps and collaboration best practices.

TAcc+ International Program will recruit 10 teams of International Startups and SMEs to join Taiwan’s Robust Startup Ecosystem, promote Collaboration between Taiwan Industries, Asia Market and International Startups. Be flown into Taiwan for 1 month, TAcc+ International Program will offer you the incentives.

 Incentives for Joining International Program

  • 1 air ticket to Taiwan for each team
  • Get free accommodation for 1 month (In Startup Terrace)
  • Get a co-working space in TAcc+ for 1 month
  • Asia Market Analysis & Recommendation
  • Introduction to Key Players in the Supply Chain
  • Corporate Visits & Business Matchmaking
  • Meet your strategic partners, investors, and potential customers
  • Strategize your expansion to Asia between the Taiwan startup ecosystem and yours

TAcc+ Startup Subsidy

The startup subsidy of Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc +) is based on foresight and innovation policies(2017 to 2020) to discover and cultivate profitable startups with potential technology or platform economics and to encourage innovation and promote industrial transformation, so as to build a domestic entrepreneurial environment and optimize the ecosystem of entrepreneur.
The startup subsidy is not only provide resources to startups for after seed investment but also help startups to obtain fundraising from domestic or foreign and other cooperation opportunities. The purpose of the subsidy is help subsidized companies to obtain Series A funding or orders.
Welcome to join us and please click here to apply!!