【TAcc+大師駐點講座】新創國際佈局與關鍵成長策略 -從思維到行為迎向國際實戰

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本場次邀請#明基佳世達集團 (#BenQ Group)

#佳世達科技董事長暨執行長特助 #翁溓松 (Albert Weng)



📍 交流議題


📍 進行方式

本場次將採 PBL (Problem-Based Learning) 問題導向學習的互動對談模式,

並以與會的新創夥伴為中心共同交流學習 (PCL, Participant Centered Learning)

📍 誰適合來?


或是需要加強對國際市場策略的新創夥伴,請大家勇敢地帶著所遭遇的問題前來,一定讓您不虛此行! 千萬別錯過這場國際市場拓張的實務交流饗宴🍽


🕒活動時間: 4/28 (四) | 12:00 – 17:00

🏛活動地點: 林口新創園區B5棟17F(新北市林口區仁愛路二段490號),若疫情變化則視相關政策另行通知調整為線上形式。

🔗搶先報名: https://pse.is/MasterSeries12AlbertWeng


📣【TAcc+ Master Series #12】Startup Deployment and Key Growth Strategies – From Thinking to Acting to Face Global Reality


The massive business opportunities in the global market are often the key🔑to the success of a new venture, and the overseas market is not just a place for startups to look from afar! 👀
With different cultures around the world, hidden competitors and market positioning are often complicated.


In this session, #Albert Weng, the Special Assistant to the President and CEO of Qisda Corp., BenQ Group, with 20 years of experience in marketing global brands and managing more than 16 countries✨, including 3 years in North America and Latin America, will lead you in a real cross-border battle, chat about entrepreneurship, startups’ internationalization and growth! 🦾🦾



Winning Fundamentals、Critical Components



In this session, we will adopt the PBL (Problem-Based Learning) interactive dialogue mode.

The program will be conducted in the form of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) and PCL (Participant Centered Learning).



Whether you are preparing to sell abroad, already selling internationally but looking for a further breakthrough, or needing to strengthen your international marketing strategy, please feel free to come along with the problems you encounter. We will make your trip worthwhile, so don’t miss this practical tips and exchange session on international market expansion!


🕒Date: April. 28, 2022 (Thu) | 12:00 – 17:00

🏛Venue: TAcc+ Startup Terrace B5 Building 17F (17F, No. 490, Sec. 2, Ren’ai Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City)