TOP 28 of TAcc+ International Program 2022

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We would like to send a big thank you to teams who participated in our TAcc+ International Program and helped make it a success! It was very difficult for us to make the finalist from among all the great teams. 

The following is the list according to the English alphabet:


  1. ALCAN Systems GmbH
  2. Avrora Robotics
  3. AIBIOS K.K.
  4. Breathe Battery Technologies Limited
  5. Bionic Hope Private Limited
  6. Euphotic Labs Private Limited
  8. Fluid Robotics
  9. FEops nv
  10. F.MED Co.,Ltd.
  11. HeatNeutral Sagl
  12. Hypervision Surgical Ltd
  13. Ingenious Team LLC
  14. Innspatial Technologies Chile SpA
  15. LUCA Science Inc
  16. Neurovalens Ltd.
  17. Opsis Pte. Ltd.
  18. Offsetted UG
  19. ProtectBox
  20. PupilMesh Private Limited
  21. Popit Ltd.
  22. Prayogik Solutions Private Limited
  23. Redigo Group Ltd
  24. REVORN
  25. SolarAide
  26. StackFlows
  27. SunEmison Solar Energy Private Limited
  28. Voltrez Tech Private Limited